It's 2017 and a lot of people know how to take a good picture. This course goes beyond the basics, and is the next step to becoming a skilled professional.

If you want to get hired by clients with goal of becoming a profitable photographer, or just shoot with more technique, this is the course for you.
These sessions will challenge you to be critical of your own working a hands-on environment.

The course will include a simulation of a professional photographer’s workday, where you will learn to organize a shoot, prepare a compelling mood board, deal with clients, master image composition, and most importantly, use lighting equipment to your advantage.

The course will also include weekly assignments and basic editing techniques. Beginner’s Photography is highly recommended as a pre-requisite to the course as all students are expected to know the basics.

This course is essential if you want to learn the basics of becoming a professional photographer. The next course is designed to provide the business perspective of being a profitable photographer.