SoAM Creative courses are made so you can train your skills and learn from the professionals. Are you looking to learn photography from the beginning? Or you want to start making money as a photographer? Every month we add new courses to better help you in your photography career!

Beginner photography will take you from the basic and help you master everything you need to know. this is a 3 session course for a total of 6 hours. Every week we will work intensivly on you, and together we will be help you achive a great level of confidence. Teachers will give students weekly assignments and review them together. 

Intermediate photography is a very interesting class in my opinion; it will be about understanding the specific needs of each students, and together with the teacher work on fixing and sharpening the students skills. This is a 4 session cours for a total of 8 hours. Do you want to step up your game and understand how to become a pro? This is the course for you.

Beginner Videography is a great opportunity to learn how and why you should know how to shoot video with your camera. Especially now in 2017 clients are more damanding than ever and for artists its always great to be able to shoot some amazing looking videos. Andrea Urbinati, our main photography teacher, started his career as videographer and that helped him tremendously for his photography. This is a 3 session course for a total of 6 hours.

Mastering black and white is a in-depth class about understanding how to get the most out your monochrome project. Shooting in black and white it's trikier than you might think. In this course we will go throu the different application this kind of photography have an effect. Portraits, life style and more. This is a 3 session course for a total of 6 hours. 

Business of photography is Andrea's favourite course. This is where our students can see the exciting results of becoming a profitable photographer. This classes are for people who wants to make money as photographers. its starts with a review of the student portfolio and a step by step guide on how to start making money. Our teacher will than provide for specific assignent, aimed to build a better porfolio. 

Mastering headshots and portraits. This is by far the most loved course in our community and and the overall photography scene. A professional photographer must know every trick possible about taking a good portrait, studio lighitng, natural light, poses, colors and more. If you wonder why your headshots are not selling as much as you though than you will understand why after you take this class.